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mardi 22 novembre 2011


This report well demonstrates the set of opportunities and challenges offered by the digital marketing in the Travel & Luxury industries.
We truly understood that it is nowadays a competitive differentiation for all the brands and companies through many tools such as website, mobile apps, online shops, customer reviews, blogs, Facebook, twitter etc...

In the travel industry, brands understood that they can increase their sales online through their website but also create a strong guest services by letting the guest sharing their experiences and giving comments.
They are definitely aware about the fact that they can build customer loyalty with emailing and they keep with social media a strong relationship. They also add some services that make the customer experience easier with for example online check-in. 

The luxury industry it is more about advertising, showing new collections and products or offering personalized products.
In fact, luxury brands have been hesitant to move online because they need to keep their exclusivity of not being for everyone. 
With Internet, they could be seen by anybody and that is why they came slowly into this kind of marketing. That is why they offer personalized products as well as story about their historic brands and videos of their shows and collections. We can see that there is less interaction with their customers.

Both industries well use the consumer number one source of information to communicate the dream and the story of a brand. They can play a valuable and critical role through these online communications.
They can reach their own customers but also a large potential one that have a easy access to their online campaigns. With digital marketing, all the brands have the choice to tell their story and to attract customers through different methods (entertainment, education, utility...).
Another advantage for the Travel & Luxury Industries is to be able to attract young people (Facebook/Twitter for example) that are maybe not their target right now but that can easily become their future loyal customer.  

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